Irene Menakaya School Calls for School Aid Support.

Irene Menakaya School, established in 1979, provides nursery and primary education for children in a rural community in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria. The school presently has 286 pupils and also offers parental support programs for the community.  Africa Cultural Promotions Inc, among other things, subsidies the cost of education in the school.

In April 2018, a storm destroyed the building that houses Irene Menakaya School. The storm destroyed 15 classrooms, a computer laboratory, playgrounds, a library and the offices of the teachers. Ninety percent of the schools activities are suspended presently. The pupils take turns to learn in the only classroom that the storm spared. The government have yet to provide any assistance to the school.

The school is in desperate need for financial support to rebuild the school buildings, restock the library and computer laboratory and repair the access roads. By contributing to this fund, you will be making the dream of a those little kids come true. Every dollar will be used to rebuild the destroyed facility and get the children to continue their education.



Our performances are as follows:

Top on list

  1. Egbuna Hildamary Ejiakaedo

Overall best (female) into Girls Secondary School, Onitsha. (2011)

  1. Amaechina Princess Mmachukwu

Overall best female into Federal Government Girls College Onitsha (2012)

  1. Adole Joy Ene

Overall best (female) into Federal Government Girls College, Gboko Benue state (2012)

  1. Enemuo Chiamaka Fortune

Overall best (female) into Holy Innocent Convention Nkpor (2012)

  1. Nwosu Emmanuel Chinedu

Overall best (male) into Federal Government College Nise (2012)

  1. Iwu Chidera Franklin

Overall best (male) into Command Secondary School Mbiri Delta State (2012)

  1. Amaukwu Chukwukamkpam Precious

50% scholarship into Lagos International Secondary School, Awo-omama Imo State (2012)

  1. Kanu Chiemela Melody

Overall best (male) into Federal Government College Nise (2013)

  1. Okagbue Augustine Chukwuma

Overall best (male) candidate into Marist Comprehensive College Nteje (2014)

  1. Ezebilie Maurice Chidalu

The best (male) candidate into Navy School Port-Harcourt (2014)

  1. Amakeze Cynthia Uchechukwu

The best (female) candidate into Federal Government Girls College, Onitsha (2014)

  1. Nwagbologu Pascaline Chiagozie

Overall best (female) candidate into Holy Rosary College, Enugu (2014)

  1. Abiola Esther Opeoluwa

Overall best (female) candidate into Federal Government Girls College, Oyo Ibadan State (2014)

  1. Echeme Stella Nneoma

Overall best (female) candidate into Nigerian Command Secondary School, Zaria Kaduna State (2014)


These pictures comprises of the drama on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the wise king. The wise King drama was presented by upliftment class. The summary of the drama is as follows: Queen Sheba heard about King Solomon’s wisdom, she visited him and tested him and confirmed that truly he is a wise King. While the other was done by Hosanna class, the summary is as follows: The soldier took Jesus to Golgotha (a place of skul). On their way there they nailed Him. On the third day, Jesus resurrected from death. The drama showed how Jesus suffered to set us free.

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Mother Tongue Day at Irene Menakaya School Onitsha

In a globalized and culturally diverse world, language ability has become increasingly important. It cements human societies, supports cultural vitality and makes socio-economic development possible. Language ability is also essential for cognitive development and as such allows the fulfilment of individual potential and broader learning. Participants attending the International Conference on Language held in Suzhou, China, from 5 to 6 June agreed that good quality language education is the most effective means for enhancing language abilities. After a day and a half of deliberations, the over 400 education officials, academics and educators from 90 countries attending the Conference further determined that quality language education needs well trained teachers, innovation and continued research, especially on the use of ICT for language teaching. Furthermore, as instruction in the learner’s mother tongue is fundamental to improving educational outcomes, participants agreed that mother tongue-based education needs to continue at least through primary education. The participants also considered that promoting exchange and learning among peoples, institutions and nations is another important means of enhancing language abilities. Through language immersion programmes and other similar international exchange programmes, the development of language abilities in a variety of languages can also foster mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence among peoples. Finally, quality language education implies paying greater attention to the needs of all learners and in particular those who are visually and hearing impaired.

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Visit to Orphanage Home

Orphanage home is a place for the children assume to have no father and mother which through the help of People or organizations like Irene menakaya Schools, the orphans are remembered, catered for and cheered up, this children feel welcomed to the society. It has been a routing for Irene menakaya school to visit the Orphange homes every Christmas with gift item, finance and support them morally. Thanks to the Proprietor of Irene Menakaya School Dr Ada Chinwe Okika who Never forget the less privileged. IMG_0009 - Copy


Christmas Party

Christmas Party at Irenemenakaya Schools Onitsha. as usual the occasion was grace with memorable events of different kind, Cultural display, News broadcast,Drama and Dance. it’s the best school party in Onitsha so far.The party attracted dignitaries and individual in and around the community.

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2014 DAY OF AFRICAN CHILD Organized by Irene Menakaya School and Igbo Ga Adi Foundation

PREAMBLE: Language and Culture are the light and salt of every nation, and when the light goes off and the salt loses its taste, then the nation is dead and vanishes from the face of the earth1. It is clear that our Igbo nation is vanishing from planet earth. We “The Igbos” are traced to be the Pillars of development in different parts of the globe, yet we are lost as a nation. We perpetually push forward other people’s traditions and norms, while ours suffer extinction. A language said to be spoken by 18 million people with approximately 30 different dialects (UCLA) is at the verge of extinction, what an irony? This article tries to understand the importance of Language and Culture and consider safeguarding them so as to have an Intangible Cultural Heritage to depend and look unto. Key Words: ‘Language’, ‘Culture’, and ‘Intangible Cultural Her-itage’. Continue reading

2013 Teachers Appreciation Week




The day commenced with the arrival of the staff of Irene Menakaya School Onitsha at the School Director’s office for Monday briefings and prayers for the day’s activities by 7:30am.
At about 9:00am, invited guests were seen arriving in the School Compound. The program started by 11:00am with praises and worship which was summarized by a song from the school staff. There was a round of applause from the invited guests.
The chairman of the occasion, Mr. Emmanuel Kanu gave his opening remark in which he appreciated everyone that came. He appreciated the school staff for their behavior and conduct.
Rev. J.S.N. Chukwukelu gave his teaching on “God’s chosen Kingdom career”. His text was from Deut.6:1-12, Prov.22:6, Matt 28:18-20.
He said that God instructed us to teach, because the creator is a Teacher. He emphasized that teaching profession is a noble profession and Jesus taught all through his time on earth and that any wasted generation is a result of lack of good teachers. Every level of teaching is very important. If you failed yourself you have failed that generation. Teaching career is the God’s chosen kingdom career. Passing information from generation to generation, without that, there will be no learning, no development, no progress, and no civilization. He concluded by giving the participants assignment to find the teachers who taught them, and show appreciation to them. He said a prayer asking God to give the participants the grace to carry out their duties effectively.

Soon after this was the Keynote address delivered by Hon. Mrs. Bridget Obi. She began by commending the school for the progress made in education and development by Dr. (Mrs.) Adaeze Okika and the entire staff. She stressed the importance of character education in school. According to her teaching of virtues should be taught in schools, such virtues are respect, honour, truthfulness. She said that outstanding pupils should be given incentives in order to motivate them and to encourage others to follow their footsteps. She added that sanctions and reward should be put in place. Continuing, she reiterated that Character Education teaches the habits of thought and deed that help people live and work together as families, friends, neighbours, communities and nations.
Character Education is learning process that enables students and adults in a school community to understand, care about and act on core ethical values such as respect, justice, civic virtue and citizenship, and responsibility for self and others. Upon such core values, we form the attitudes and actions that are the hallmark of safe, healthy and informed communities that serve as the foundation of our society.
Character Education has been the shared responsibility of parents, teachers and members of the community, who come together to support positive character development.
The School has a great role to play in character education as students spend much of their young lives in classrooms. This time in school is an opportunity to explain and reinforce the core values upon which character is formed.
In school, character education must be approached comprehensively to include the emotional and moral qualities of a person or group. It must offer multiple opportunities for students to learn about, discuss and enact positive social behaviours. Student leadership and involvement are essential for character education to become apart of a student’s beliefs and actions.

To successfully implement character education, schools must;
• Take a leadership role to bring the staff, parents and students together to identify and define the elements of character they want to emphasize;
• Provide training for staff on how to integrate character education into the life and culture of the school;
• Form a vital partnership with parents and the community so that students hear a consistent message about character traits essential for success in school and life; and
• Provide opportunities for school leaders; teachers, parents and community partners to model exemplary character traits and social behaviours.
Imagine a school that expected its students to become literate without any formal instruction, such an approach would leave children confused and with gaps in their understanding. This however has been the philosophy on character development in many of our schools. Why is the development of character seen as somehow different from the other skills that we teach? Is it because the concept of being good has fallen out of fashion?

In his book, Religion for Atheists, the philosopher Alain De Botton writes: “Announce that you are working on your body, and you will attract envy and respect. Declare that you are working on your character, and you will be thought insane.”

It is important to note that a child’s moral literacy is enhanced when they acquire the building blocks of good character such as consideration, truthfulness, courage and honor; qualities which are commonly known as virtues.

A retired teacher Ms. Onwuzulike Nchekwube who shared her experiences said that teaching is training because as you are teaching, you are learning. Teaching is also giving instructions to educate. She explained ‘experience’ as what you meet or what you undergo either pleasurable or non pleasurable. She said that teachers are born and made. She narrated her experiences of over 30years starting from training in the school and her experiences in the classrooms. Such experiences also add to make a good teacher.

Immediately after this, was a group photograph within the break period. Snack was served. Following, was a workshop by Rev. George M. Ogurie. He was impressed by the confidence he found in the individuals he met in the workshop. His emphasis was on character education which according to him should begin from the home to the school and the community. He went on to compare our national values in the 1960s with what is happening now and everybody concluded that many young people have lost the values that once made us proud and that respect is now out of place. He stated that foundation in character education is the ‘family’ and that our infrastructure collapsed because of collapse in moral behavior, stating that moral behavior is as important as developing the power needed to drive the economy. Noting that all sectors both public and private must be encouraged to invest in character building as much as we need to, he stated the moral goals of character education which are mature character, contribution to society, loving relationship and family. In summary of character education, he stated the dimensions of education which is in a pyramid form with “cultivation of the heart” as the base and first level of character education, in the second level is the “Education in norm” and at the apex is the “ Education for mastery” These three dimensions will build up a healthy moral behavior which was in the 1960’s but when it comes to the 1990’s, the pyramid is turned up side down and made to stand on it’s apex which is definitely a collapse of moral behavior.

His second teaching was on “Teaching Methods”. He stated methods of teaching which includes:-
 Interactive methodology
 Group and individual projects
 Cooperative learning
 Group discussions
 Role playing
 Journal writing
 Experiential learning

He went ahead to state the 3 partners in education which are home, school and community. He gave the general recommendation for character education which are:- Act as caregiver, role model and mentor. Create a moral community in the classroom. He encouraged the teachers and ended the worship by presenting the membership form to everyone to register with universal peace federation.

Contributions were made by Mr. Kalu who was impressed also the former commissioner for women affairs. Mr. Kalu read the biography of Mrs. Maureen Brown and the gift for the best teacher of the year was presented to Auntie Benedicta Monye by the former commissioner of women affairs. Rev George M. Ogurie stood up and appreciated the attention he was given by the audience and presented the universal peace federation flag to the former commissioner for women affair on behalf of the school and also declared the school as a full member of the organization. A group picture was taken with flag. Gifts were presented to all the invited schools of honour.

Rev. Emeka Onochie, Proprietor of Divine Foundation School expressed his happiness concerning the day’s program and apologized for coming late because his school went for the May 27th Match Pass.

Finally the school executive director gave a vote of thanks.
The chairman made a closing remark and also led in a closing prayer. Thereafter refreshment was served.