Our Staff



Members of staff of Irene Menakaya operate in an environment of trust, acceptance, collaboration, and open communication in a district that integrates facilities to provide differentiation and diversification in the methodologies of learning experience, holding themselves and their pupils to the highest possible standards.



1. We implement a plan that encompasses employment and induction, as well as sustaining and retaining a highly motivated , collaborative, and diverse staff.

2. We concentrate on staff development through a sustained, multi-year thematic professional development program integrating technology and standard teaching and instruction practices.

3. We build up a professional culture composed of a staff intrinsically motivated, intellectually and effectually stimulated with a collegiate expectation of excellence; who feel valued while holding themselves and their pulpils to the highest possible standards.


                                     The School Board of Governors

The school has the following members as Board of Governors:

Barr. Clement Okika                                          – Chairman

Engr. Emeka Menakaya                                    – Member

Dr. Nnamdi Menakaya                                      – Physician

Dr. Jide Menakaya                                            – Pediatrician and School

Medical Adviser

Dr. Uche Menakaya                                          – Secretary to the Board

Ada C. Okika (Mrs.)                                          – Proprietress



One thought on “Our Staff

  1. Ujam Chukwunonso Miracle says:

    with all my heart, i love my alma mata because they have made me what I am today…I still have a long way to go and when i get there, I will come back for my alma mata……superb members of staff with an indispensible proprietress….more power to your elbow…I love you all

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