The Pupils

As our pupil, your child’s future is assured! We help you lay a solid foundation for the future of your child. At Irene Menakaya School, we help make their noble dreams come through by always been by their sides from Day Care to Primary School! What could be more beautiful than the confident smile of a child in our brightly-coloured pink and purple uniform! Indeed, with Irene Menakaya School, your child is surely your pride!

Every pupil of Irene Menakaya School is always strongly encouraged to move to move towards his/her full potential. This includes acquiring skills, becoming aware of own abilities and gift, believing in one’s own ability to face challenges and moving towards self-fulfilment.

In school, your child is taught to grow through interaction with others. Children are encouraged to learn to interact successfully within their social setting. This includes the ability to interact verbally in an acceptable way and be able to participate within the group, learn to appreciate, respect and care for other members of the group and the wider community.


We are convinced that our pupils achieve their maximum potential, are reflective and enthusiastic, behave intelligently, ethically, and confidently in the face opposition or challenges and are actively participating in their spheres. To realise these noble objectives towards making your child your pride:


  • We have developed an assessment process that measures and promotes pupils’achievement and growth over time.
  • We include in our curricula ample opportunity for pupils to practice such critical life skills as leadership, risk-taking, problem solving, decision making and effective communication in our fast changing world.
  • We implement standard practices in staff and personnel management, curriculum development and instruction that ensure that our pupils achieve at a level equal to the highest performance standard.


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