The Parents

 1. Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A)

There is an association of parent/guardian and teacher which is designed to make for proper exchange of information between the teacher and the parent for the benefit of the pupil/ward. This association is of pivotal import because in the course of Parent Teacher Dialogue (P.T.D) each pupil’s interest is represented and addressed accordingly.


2. Parental Education

Under this initiative, Parents are informed and empowered on the most potent mechanism in child training and development. This forum enables young parents to learn from older parents the rudiments of child upbringing and management of child growth syndromes. Parental education also touches on areas of formal training for parents because informed parent will breed informed children.


3. Fathers’ Forum.

Fathers’ Forum focuses on the fathers as the head of the family. We deal on issues concerning the importance of father-child relationship. The indispensible role of the father in the child’s upbringing is critically examined. Under this forum, adult computer education is embarked on.


4. Mothers’ Forum.

Mothers’ Forum aims at involving the mothers on the education of their children. Mothers are empowered on the appropriate modalities of child development both physiologically and academically. The indispensible role of the mother in child upbringing is critically examined with a view to empowering mothers on their role in family and society. Computer training for mothers is also available on this platform.


5. Class Conference.

Under this platform the day to day performance of the pupils is brought to the attention of their parents or guardians who are meant to be in attendance on class conference. This program is essential because it creates an avenue under which the weakness and strength of each pupil are brought to the foreknowledge of his/her parent/guardian with a view to encouraging and enhancing their improvement. The needs and challenges of the pupil are also brought to the fore under this platform.


6. Orientation.

Orientation here is targeted at new parents (that is to say, parents whose wards newly became pupils of the school) and parents of pupils in Exam Class. Orientation for new parents is geared at orientating new parents on the curricula and activities of the school so that they can be properly kept abreast with what is required of them as parents of the school. Parent are also intimated with teacher’s observations concerning their children in term of temperament, change in taste and other growth related syndromes. For parents of Exam Class, on the other hand, orientation aims at imbuing the parents with information about the school’s standards in terms of external examination and their role as parents of affected. The school over the years has registered her pupils for local and International Exams in which over 85% usually excels.

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