Primary Programme

The Primary Programme




  • To consolidate educational awareness on children
  • To lay solid foundation for educational pursuit
  • To foster the individuality of each child.

 The Programme: The primary programme seeks to provide a supportive environment enabling both pupil and staff to demonstrate


(i)                  As individuals, they are confident,resourceful, resilientpupils whose actions are guided by a code of shared values.

(ii)                As learners, they demonstrate intellectual curiosity, versatility, and an ability to work both independently and


(iii)               As leaders, they provide positive role models who act with self-assurance, initiative and an awareness of the value of service.


The Primary Programme is based on:

  • Cognitive development
  • Affective development
  • Psychometric development.

Special focus is on:

  • Exposure education
  • Media knowledge
  • Current affairs
  • French
  • Games and Sports
  • Computer Education
  • Use of Library
  • Music
  • Class Project
  • Fine Art
  • Daily and weekend home work.

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