School Programmes

In Irene Menakaya School, we have specially developed programmes that will adequately provide quality education to your child in a most conducive learning environment.
Over the years, we have maintained a high standard of learning with unique programmes specailly designed to help your child grow up to become your pride. We are here to help your child become the leader of tomorrow by building his/her potentials towards bringing her the best in him/her. It is our commitment, our passion, and our vision!

To realise the above and take your child to greater heights, the School Programme has been developed in a way that ensures an all-round education for your child. From the early stages of Day Care, Nursery School to Primary School, we help you lay a solid foundation for the future for your child. With Irene Menakaya Schools, your child is indeed your pride!


The School programme therefore includes the following:

  1. Day Care Programme                      (2 years old)

The Day Care Programme aims to provide care and assistance to working class mothers. It helps to provide educational awareness on each child at the crucial early stage for future growth.

       2.    Play Group Programme                 (2 – 3 years)

This programme aims to build academic skills and provide academic awareness with fun, motivation and mental development.

        3.    The Nursery Programme             (3 – 5 years)

The Nursery programme is uniquely designed to cater for children from age 3 – 5 years. The programme provides a happy environment in which children can build their confidence and independence and develop positive attitudes towards other children, the teaching staff and to learning generally.

         4.   The Primary Programme             

At this stage, the programme aims to consolidate on the educational awareness on children, lay solid foundation for further educational pursuit, and to foster the individuality of each child.

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