What We Believe In

What We Believe In


The philosophy of the school is based on:

  • Learning through Play: the school believes that children learn through play and their learning is enhanced by meaningful and well-chosen interaction by the staff.
  • The Background: the school seeks to welcome and affirm the uniqueness of the background of each child admitted in the school. The school’s programme planning appreciates the uniqueness of each child’s background: the home, gender, cultural differences and special needs.
  • Environment: the environment of the school is such that children are happy and relaxed. The environment equally builds confidence, independence and develop positive attitudes towards peers, staff and all aspects of learning. The environment also seeks to promote enthusiasm, motivation, self-discovery and creativity.
  • The Child: child of the school is encouraged to move to move towards his/her full potential. This include the acquiring of skills, becoming aware of own abilities and gift, believing in one’s own ability to face challenges and move towards self-fulfilment.
  • The Children as  a Group: Children are encouraged to learn to interact successfully within their social setting. This includes the ability to interact verbally in an acceptable way and be able to participate within the group, learn to appreciate, respect and care for other members of the group and the wider community.

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