Mission and Belief Statements



1. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through nurturing and

challenging all pupils alike in a safe and innovative learning and research


2. We believe that by encouraging respect and responsibility among the

parents, teachers and pupils, our pupils would become self-directed learners

and achievers who reach their greatest potential.



1. We believe that when the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of our

pupils are met through the support of parents, guardians, staff, peers and

the society, our pupils learn best.

2. We believe the role of the pupil is to be responsible, active participant, to

have a willingness to learn, and to work up to his/her potential as a diverse

learner and citizen.

3. We believe the role of parents is to accept responsibility for developing values

and for settling and maintaining appropriate boundaries while encouraging

pupils to be respectful citizens and to pursue knowledge.

4. We believe the role of staff is to foster love of learning by holding themselves

and the pupils to high standards and to effectively use resources in a

collaborative and nurturing environment.

5. We believe future competence must include communication and problem

solving skills to foster adaptability and resilience in our changing world.

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