Irene Menakaya School Calls for School Aid Support.

Irene Menakaya School, established in 1979, provides nursery and primary education for children in a rural community in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria. The school presently has 286 pupils and also offers parental support programs for the community.  Africa Cultural Promotions Inc, among other things, subsidies the cost of education in the school.

In April 2018, a storm destroyed the building that houses Irene Menakaya School. The storm destroyed 15 classrooms, a computer laboratory, playgrounds, a library and the offices of the teachers. Ninety percent of the schools activities are suspended presently. The pupils take turns to learn in the only classroom that the storm spared. The government have yet to provide any assistance to the school.

The school is in desperate need for financial support to rebuild the school buildings, restock the library and computer laboratory and repair the access roads. By contributing to this fund, you will be making the dream of a those little kids come true. Every dollar will be used to rebuild the destroyed facility and get the children to continue their education.

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